Eating Dim Sum with the Chinese Club

Two Saturdays ago, I went to Fung’s Kitchen in Oklahoma City with my roommate and a few people from Chinese Club. There were two of my roommate’s classmates plus two of her teachers and their families. When we got there, we set around a large table with a large turntable in the middle. Then the waiters and waitresses came over and offered us different dishes. If it was something we wanted, then we took the dish off the platter and they put it on our ticket. There was a lot of really good food. We were able to try shrimp dumplings, turnip cakes, sesame pork, pineapple buns, fried taro balls, roast duck, and even chicken feet. All the food was really good, and we all left completely stuffed. Again, I had the same problem as usual of not knowing what everyone else was saying, but I’m starting to get used to using my roommate as translator, so I didn’t mind, and I just enjoyed the delicious food.