Off to England

I am finally going to be studying abroad! I will be off to England for the next academic year, and I am very excited. I think I am really going to like being there. After all, a tea pot is guaranteed to be provided with all the living arrangements! So far I am going to have three flatmates, and there is room for one more still. It is going to be quite an adventure sharing one kitchen and one bathroom with so many people! It won’t be so bad though. Apparently the physics building is quite close to where I will be staying, and buses drive by every 5 or 10 minutes. But even then, I will probably just walk most of the time since it’s close enough. I am so excited to finally leave the country… and go on a plane. Fortunately I will be traveling over the summer on a plane, so my first plane ride will still be a domestic flight rather than an international one. That makes it slightly less terrifying at least.